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Jtv-69 Neck Size And Bolt On Options...

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Hey guys I may pick up a 69 , and eventually sell my 59. The issue is I have never played a 69 and need to know if the neck is any less deep than the 59?

My favorite neck is the one on my prs santana se, it is fat/wide as prs calls it,  Is there a shorter scale lenght bolt on that that anyone has tried on the 69?



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In summation, the JTV-69 above the 7th fret has a deep neck profile, however its quite the opposite below the 7th fret as it tapers down to .750" deep, and 1.61" width  -  which as a long term Gibson player feels a bit small and cramped for me.  

Many details on JTV-69 Neck profile with measurements are here



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This is an interesting thread because I picked up a 69 about 6 weeks ago and for the most part, I am pleased with the guitar. But I prefer the 24.75 scale and a compound radius fingerboard with stainless frets. I have a couple of Warmoth conversion necks on my 75 Strat and partscaster Tele custom and could not be happier with those instruments. So for now, I am keeping the stock Variax neck due to more pressing issues but as soon as I am able, I am going to have a custom nexk made for the Variax. It will then be the closest to a totally versatile axe to bring to a gig if you can only have one.


Also, I concur with the other folks posting as to the aural quality of the guitar models. If you are going to do a serious recording project, it's better to have an actual quality instrument rather than using the models found in the Variax. But for live performance, I think the JTV-69 is about as versatile an instrument as one could wish for. I too have gotten dependent on the alternate tunings as much as I have for the different electric and acoustic models. So I will probably buy a 59 to complement the 69 for live performance and also to have a backup if something like breaking a string happens on the 69 in live performance.

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I did a Warmouth neck swap on my JTV69. I didn't go for the 24.75" conversion but I'm interested in possibly trying that. If you do it, please post your before and after experiences.

I did go for the Standard Thin profile, compound radius, SS frets, Earvana Tusq nut and Bubinga fret board. A totally great neck for me.

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