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New Dt25... Tube Upgrade Worthwhile?


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Just got a DT25 and an HD500x, and loving the whole bit about figuring everything out, and the versatility in tonal options.  Seems like a really powerful system so far.    


Wondering, since the tubes in the DT25 are relatively cheap, is a tube upgrade (maybe to Groove Tubes or something similar) a worthwhile investment?  Anyone done it, and what's the result?  


My worship leader likes a really creamy distortion tone (almost a clean sound... think of some of Edge's high gain tones).  I've gotten close already with the DT/500x stock, but if there is enough of a benefit - more smoothness/creaminess - I'd consider doing it now instead of when a tube blows.    


Here's my gear:



Charvel 2013 San Dimas Style 1

Fender American Deluxe Strat



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support chimed in on a recent thread and advised against using any tubes other than the stock tubes, even suggesting replacing them with like tubes when the time comes...

there's more going on inside the DT50 than a standard tube amp...

for variations that seem like tube swaps try using the deep edit parameters... (bias/sag/etc)

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Hi, I replaced the Chinese 12AX7 phase inverter valve with a Tung-Sol Reissue unit selected for the PI location from HotRox (uk).  The PI valve is often overlooked, but plays a key role in setting the tone and dynamic response of the power amp tubes.  


What I found was interesting; 

1. the hum I was getting from the amp (not out of the speaker) largely went

2. Bass response was tighter 

3. High response was smoother and less brittle


Overall a very worthwhile upgrade which has improved the musicality of the amp as well as dealing with the hum.

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