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Dream Rig Multiple Inputs Into Stagesource

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Have just got a Stagesource L2T and am trying to explore using the 2 channels and the line input simultaneously to build up multiple layers from the JTV.  Am trying variax cable output > HD500 > Line 6 Link > line input side of L2T at same time as 1/4 inch jack output into channel 1 on the mixer panel on L2T.  Am putting a small amount of delay on the HD side to thicken out the sound. Anyone who has done this before got any tips towards getting the best sound and anyone used all 3 inputs at once for whatever reason??

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...HD500 > Line 6 Link > line input side of L2T ...

That won't work. The L6 Link output from the HD500 has to be connected to the L6 Link Input on the L2t. It won't work as a general XLR input to the L2t.


But you can certainly use all L2T inputs at once, including the L6 Link. You can simultaneously use both input Channels of the L2t mixer as well as the Line Inputs on the rear panel and the L6 Link input.

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Thanks Silverhead - my clumsiness in not being clear - I did mean using the L6 link input on the L2T and you're right it does work.  I suppose what I'm really asking is about people's experience of using simultaneous multiple leads from the JTV into the L2T and how they got on with it and whether any problems/conflicts arose.

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