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Source Audio Hot Hand 3


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Okay, so it came in, and I finally got to mess with it. I have it set to trigger delay feedback, from 0% at my low c string, to 70% at my high e string, based on my bow angle. Really cool. It keeps everything tighter in the lower registers, but lets the high notes echo out. I may also program my eq to keep the higher strings nice and full-sounding, while containing the bass on the low strings. This could become an integral part of my rig. Due to violin-specific hand motions, this is another piece of gear that is totally different for us from how a guitarist may use it, but the amount of usability is comparable. More subtle, so far, but definitely worth the coin.

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It is compatible with Helix.  I decided to modify my receiver mount. Instead of using it as a ring, I have the transmitter mounted to my shoulder rest.  This way, I tip the neck down to change parameters, mostly delay feedback increasing from 15% to 50% when I tip it down.  At normal playing position, it's set to lowest delay feedback.  Plug the 1/4" patch cord from the HH3 into either expression input, and set whichever parameters you want to control to use that expression input.  You can set minimum and maximum values.

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