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Pop Hd300 Does Not Play In Garageband

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Hello Everybody,


New Pod hd300. Works perfectly with headphone connected directly into the pod. Installed all drivers in iMac, latest udpates done. Monkey is updated. Pod300 Edit installed and recognizes the pod. When I change a knob on the pod it changes at the same time on the iMac in the pod hd300 edit software. So I guess connection is ok. I also see the pod as midi device in the midi manager So far so good. But in Garageband nothing happens. Does not seem to recognize the pod. Nevertheless in preferences the I did select the pod and when I go to the amp I also see the pod as input source. 

What am I doing wrong. Any suggestion.

Thanks in advance



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Have you recorded other instruments in GB? As it might be in arming it.

Check buffer size as well as too little and it won't want to work. Check other setting as well.

Hope your up and running 

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