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Firehawk FX and Variax acoustic amp model

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I love my Variax Standard, but I've been underwhelmed by the acoustic models.  From what I've read online, you really need an acoustic amp for these to shine, which I don't have.  I saw the Firehawk FX has an acoustic amp model specifically designed for to use with the Variax models.  Has anyone used this?  If so, do the acoustic models sound better through it?  This is the only acoustic amp sim I have been able to find.


Also, is it still worth it to get the Firehawk FX?  I like the functionality of the Firehawk FX and that you can control the settings with an app as opposed to being locked in front of my computer.  But is Line 6 phasing them out?  I don't want to buy something that's already obsolete and in danger of losing support.  Of course, I'd get the Helix in a heartbeat, but at 5 times the price it's WAY out of my budget.


Sweetwater has 48 months interest free financing on these for the next two days, so I'm kind of under the gun to make a decision.  Any info you guys can give is most appreciated.


Thanks,  and rock on!





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Okay, first, as to the Firehawk.  I think the Firehawk is a great multi effects model for $400 (or less on deals - you can find it for $350 right now). However, Line 6 never promised that it would be supported with new amp models and effects. The only support that will be provided is bug repair. So keep that in mind - when you buy it you have to be happy with what it already has.


As to the Variax, I completely disagree about the acoustic amp. I have one - and it does work great - but when I use the Firehawk or the HX Stomp I don't use an amp sim at all.  I simple dial in the EQ, add the effects I want, and a boost sometimes, and it sounds great. The Firehawk even has a few presets specifically for acoustic sounds and I found they worked great for the Variax. The Firehawk FX does have a Varaix amp and to be honest I was always underwhelmed with it.  I don't know if it was intended originally for another product and it really sounded great there, but with the Firehawk it always sounded muddy and dull to me. 

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How do you use your Firehawk ?

Do you plug it into an electric guitar amp ?

If yes, it won't work

I've done that with this rig and the result is bad. With a clear amp, it can work for electric guitar modeling but not for acoustic.

The reason is that the range of frequencies are not the same between an acoustic and an electric guitar.

You need a (active) FRFR speaker to obtain the sounds you search...

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