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Pod Hd400 Has No Sound


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I just buy the POD HD400. I testing at the store and it's ok however now, in my home, the equipment is on, but i plug my guitar and nothing happens, no sound.. even tuner not working.


I changed the cables, reboot, even restore the config.. nothing resolve and I don't know what to do.


*I'm Brazilian, sorry by my poor english

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You have an amp that you can plug into? With the same guitar and cable that works in the amp and not changing anything, move the plug to Guitar In on the 400. Set the master volume about 12:00 (small knob on the back panel). Push the volume pedal down. You should hear something, and the tuner should work in any case.


I'd go back to the store if you can't get it working!


(On my way to Porto Alegre as I type!)

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My amp is in the studio. I tested with headphone and connected to the pc with the HD400 Edit.

I plugged a cable in out for amp to test. Spite of this, to me, does not make sense .. the tuner had to work ... is as if the POD was not getting the guitar signal.





meu amp está no estúdio. Testei com fone de ouvidos e conectado ao pc com o HD400 edit, até pluguei um cabo na saída para o amp para testar. Apesar disso, pra mim, não fazer sentido.. o tuner tinha que funcionar... é como se a POD não estivesse recebendo o sinal da guitarra
Eu sou de Curitiba.
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