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Problem With Jtv/hd500 Controlling Parameters Via Volume/tone Knobs

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I've run into a frustrating limitation when using the tone knob to control parameters on the HD500.  Setting it to lock the tone control doesn't do so completely.  The HD500 firmware is 2.2 and the JTV firmware is 2.0.   Here's an example I ran into:


I have the tone knob set to control the amp drive control.  At maximum knob value the gain is at 60% and at minimum knob value it goes to 100%.  Tone knob lock is set to preset not global, but I've found this happens in both instances.  When playing and turn the tone knob everything behaves as it should.  However whenever I change pickup positions or banks on the JTV the tone is rolled off.  Even if I turn the tone knob back up the tone stays rolled off, but the amp parameter is still affected.  I have to run the tone knob back up to maximum and change pickup position or bank to get it to tone back to maximum.  


So what is happening is that whenever I change pickup positions or bank the guitar recalls the tone setting for where the physical knob is set.  However I'm then unable to change the tone setting because the tone knob is locked.  


The only slight work around I've found is going into workbench and saving the tone knob position to 10 on each model.  The problem here is that now when I change pickup position and/or bank the amp gain setting follows the preset saved value.  So if I have the knob at minimum and the amp gain is at 100 when I change to another pick up position it goes back to 60.  


This is very frustrating!  I don't mind if the HD500/JTV don't have the ability to work together like this, they didn't when I bought the HD500.  But don't add a "feature" that only half way works.  I've wasted the last hour trying to get this to work in the way it logically should.  I can see no good reason for designing this feature to work this way.  


If this is just something I'm doing wrong PLEASE someone point out how I need to set it up and I will gladly recant my anger with Line 6 programmers.



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After messing around with it for a while I decided to entirely ditch using the tone knob to control the HD500.  


One distinction I did realize is that when changing banks it completely unlocks the tone knob, which according to the manual is expected behavior.  When changing pickup positions it presents the problem I described above.  


It does this when I change manually.  If I use the HD500 to load a patch and settings, but don't change anything on the Variax it works fine.    


Typically I don't change patches on the HD500, at least not during a song.  I use it like a tube amp and pedal board and have it set to F1-F8 mode.  This is how I've used Line 6 gear since the AxSys 212 I bought in '97.  Having the added flexibility of using the tone knob on the Variax was very appealing to me.


I change pick up positions sometimes in the middle of solos, not to mention for different parts of the song.  Often times depending on my mood during the song or how that particular performance is going.  


So using the HD to change presets when I want to change pickup positions is not in the realm of an acceptable solution.  Even if it were the fact there's a break in the signal when you change patches would be a deal breaker anyway.  Using it setup as a stomp box pedal board means there's never an interruption in the sound.


The fact I'm pretty much always using the same patch means that it wouldn't be feasible to commit to one position on the Variax the whole time.  If it would at least work properly within the same bank on the Variax I could make that work.  Just reload the patch if I need to switch to another bank.  But it doesn't, so oh well.


I look at it the same way I would with using the expression pedal to change parameters.  I wouldn't expect that to stop working or change settings every time I made a change on the Variax.   


I'm a fan of Line 6 and have owned some of every generation of product they've put out.  I currently have the HD500 and 2 Variax guitars.  There's no way I'd want to go back to a traditional setup.  


I just don't know that this feature was very well thought out.  That or I just use the pedal/guitar in a non typical way and my scenario was never thought of, which seems hard for me to believe.  I would think lots of players have a "main patch" they use and don't keep the Variax on one bank and one pickup position the whole time.  


I can see using this feature for a patch made for a specific purpose, but I was hoping it would add to my general purpose, Swiss Army Knife of my tones patch.  

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