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Installed Duncan Aph-1n And Custom Custom Pickups

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I want a little more crunch with my pickups so I installed the subject pickups (spent some time listening at Duncan's web site to see which sound I prefer).  The APH-1n is in the neck position and the Custom Custom is at the bridge.  I haven't played out with them yet, but in my studio I like the sound.  Installation was easy.  I didn't unsolder and resolder the circuit board because I didn't want to risk overheating the circuit board.  Instead I cut the old pickup wires and soldered the new pickup wires to the old wires, and taped up everything so no bare wires are exposed.  I soldered the red and white wires together, attached the green and black wires to the board, and left the ground wire (and red and white wires) unattached.  Response is smooth across the pickups.  The Duncans are slightly smaller than the stock pickups, but everything fits and I don't mind the additional space between the pickups and the pickup rings.

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