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Garageband and logic pro x stop responding after select Helix Native as plug-in


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I'm using Helix Native 1.71 on trial. It works fine for the first time. The next day when i choose Helix Native as plug-in in Garageband or Logic Pro x, both program stopped working( not responding, after 10 mins waiting, had to force quit ), as shown in screenshots.

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15 hours ago, ai3gtmc said:

That also happens to me whenever I don't have internet and I open Helix Native.

Thanks to you im able get native to function. Had switch wifi off, load plug in. once loaded and not crashed switch internet back on. thanks

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23 hours ago, schuha_at said:

Same problem here. 

I bought Reaper and Helix native. Reaper crashes when I want to use  "Helix Native".

I've opened a support ticket. But maybe there exist an advice here.




There is a whole area of these forums dedicated to Helix Native.


While you are waiting for a reply to your support request, you may wish to check this thread to see if it helps solve your problem.



Hope this helps.

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I got advice from the Line 6 Support to uninstall the Helix native and install again. I registered the native during the new installing.

The second advice was to do the same with reaper, but this was not necessary anymore.

Now it works fine on my desktop

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Shut off your wifi before opening your DAW (Logic for me). Open a Helix plugin on a track.  It forces a Line 6 prompt for your Login and PW, fill out the info then turn wifi back on before pressing Enter,  then it works 

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