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EVH 5150 iii midi amp switching w/hx effects & snapshots


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Hi all - just got my HX effects this week.

I've figured out how to change channels on my EVH 5150iii 50 watt head using presets, but as others have indicated there is a slight lag when doing so. I've read much about how doing this via snapshots alleviates the lag issue - but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make the amp change channels in snapshot mode. I'm using HX Editor (which is super convenient!), and I just can't figure it out. I don't know much about MIDI, so that doesn't help.


I have gone into Command Center on the HX editor, but from there I don't know how to set the parameters. I presume I setting it to MIDI/PC for one of the instant commands? But beyond that, I don't know what do do with MIIDI Channel, CC, value...I've tried various things to no avail. I am also putting the amp in learn mode, but just can't figure it out.


Any help would be appreciated! I wanted the HX Effects to control channel changes so I could get rid of the gigantic EVH footswtich!


A secondary question - is there a way to assign one stomp switch within a preset to change amp channels?


Thanks very much!

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23 hours ago, boban_vasileski said:

So you can't change amp channels in snapshot mode?


I have the same combination like you, evh 5150III and hx stomp, and now I have the same question... 

The Control Center is not yet available in the HX Stomp.  That is how I was able to set up snapshots to control the 5150 III with my Helix Floor.  I thought I saw that it was coming in the 3.0 release but don't quote me on that.  You can set it up with presets but that is all right now.

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First thing I would recommend is picking a midi channel and program change that you will use with your 5150 III.  Then you program that and have the amp learn it for each channel.  I use Midi channel 1 and green channel is program change 1, blue is 2 and red is 3.  You can use whatever you want but this makes it super easy any time I'm creating new patches in the stomp or HX FX.  If you are sending multiple the program changes when the amp is learning (like to other midi devices) it may confuse the amp and future programming may not work correctly.

Using edit may be a little easier.  Go to command center.  Pick a snapshot, there is a drop down at the top.  I will say 1 will be clean/green channel, 2 will be crunch/blue, and 3 will be the red channel.  You want to use the Instant Commands which are the lightning bolts.  Just click on one of them.  You can only have so many per preset.  HX FX has 6. 

Now on the right side choose Command - Bank/Program.  Then below that choose Midi Channel 1.  Skip down to program and change that to 1.  When you click on snapshot 1 you are now sending a message to change to program 1 on midi channel 1.  Don't expect your amp to change yet. Now repeat for the other channels.

Change to snapshot 2, click on a lightning bolt, then Command - Bank/Program, midi channel 1, and change program to 2.

Change to snapshot 3, click on a lightning bolt, then Command - Bank/Program, midi channel 1, and change program to 3.

Now save the preset. Still don't expect it to work. I always recommend going to another preset and back to the original preset first.

You have a basic preset now that you can use to program the 5150 to learn that Program change 1 is green channel, etc.

Put your 5150 in learning mode (look at the manual).  As you teach the 5150 just use each snapshot once and then get out of learning mode. Now your patch should change the channels when you change snapshots.  If you go to a snapshot that has not Instant commands nothing will happen.



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