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Helix presets ready to mix


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Hallo all! Just made all the guitar amps of helix ready for mix, dual tracked, equalized, etc. Just upload these to your helix and enjoy!

P.s. All amps have different sound, some are for busy mix, other are overwhelming, other underwhelming. Depends on the mix.
Meaning, that your favorite amp may not sound what you like.
Instead, I made all amps with different flavors. Close your eyes, and try the amp by each own. You will not believe that the amp x works better than your favorite amp on the mix.

Also, please try and give a comment.



p.s.2 for the jtv users, i used the bundle to make these sounds,

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Hey Arislaf,

I would love to try your presets. When I download them from your dropbox link and upload to my helix I get a 8103 error code in HX Edit (I tried about 5-6 presets). I am up to date with firmware and HX Edit version (2.71). It's the first time I ever get this error while uploading an external preset...

Have the .hlx files been messed up?



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Thanks for sharing !!


I browsed through the long list and to be very honest some of the presets I tried sounded too harsh to my ears. Need to say I was listening with my AKG headphones, so part of it can be due to that of course. I'm just afraid that if would listen to the presets with my speaker and crank up the volume it would not improve (probably gets worse). I saw you were using the 57 and 421 mics a lot. Maybe try the 121 in one of parellel blocks???  Personally I prefer mono patches, but that's just me... and likely for that reason I was quite distracted by the effect that you put in one of the parallel cab block just before the cab itself (think it is a chorus effect). Great idea to get some extra stereo effect and ambiance, but it did not work for me.....


On the positive side you gave me some good ideas on positioning of effects, amp settings and the like, so thanks a lot for that!

I'm still learning day by day to get better sounding presets; this forum is a great place to learn !


Good luck, thanks again and I hope this is somehow helpful.

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