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Dt25 And Firmware Upgrade - Error During Process

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I`ve tried to upgrade DT25 to firmware 2.0 through MIDI. Line 6 Monkey couldn`t find my DT25 when I tried to do this with an USB-MIDI interface, so i tried with internal (onboard) MIDI port in my PC. Monkey found it instantly so i started to upgrade from file. (previously i used this port to work on Zoom g7.1 ut and never had problems with it).

Update process started. After a while a well-known (800000a propably with connection) error occurred and now my amp is just a random-light-lit piece of junk. Doesn`t react on any of the switches.

Tried to reflash the thing but now Monkey doesn`t detect the amp.

I looked through the forum, found out that there is another way using MIDI Ox to transfer firmware file. Tried that, didn`t work (program sends somewehere file but nothing happens). Tried to run amp in "Service mode", tried "hard reset". Didn`t work.

Still can`t detect amp in monkey :(. Any solutions?




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don't know much about that but line6 gear doesn't like to many usb-midi devices except for m-audio midisport uno.


can't you upgrade using usb?

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No, nothing helped. Tried even with L6 link (found somewhere that it should work?) - that didn`t help either. I contacted technical support and now my DT25 is on it`s way for repairs :/

Thankfully my POD HD400 upgraded without problems, but that goes through USB and it`s a different story...

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