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21 Used Jtv 89's At Musicians Friend

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I was considering a JTV for X-mas. I have a few guitars with trems already so I was looking at the JTV 89. I typically observe the number of used items at MF and GC when desiding on the purchase of new products. Right or wrong, when I see several lightly used items available, I suspect some issue. 21 is pretty high. I know some people had buyers remorse, some people moved in another direction and one or 2 may have had some flaw or whatever. Still 21 is up there. JTV 69, they have 19 used available.


So at MF alone, 40 people basically sent a JTV back ? As JTV owners, why do you think that is ? Has the situation improved at all ?


This might seem like I am trooling, but these is a honest question  .. why so many returned JTV's ?


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   That's a good question, but I'm not sure what you can read into that. I own a 59, which is a great guitar, and I am very happy with, but I can't speak for the 89 model. If these are predominately hard tails, maybe some people sold them to get the trem version which came out later. I don't suppose MF or GC will specifically why a particular guitar was returned. Probably wouldn't be in their best interest to be overly honest. You might call and ask them though.

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I see 21 59s, but only 5 89s (no used 89f's). I don't know if I'd read a whole into it. For one thing, MF doesn't typically resell items that have legitimate issues. These are most likely guitars that people bought and tried and decided to send back for whatever reason. My suspicion would be they may have paid full price and then saw all of the low prices at somewhere like Sweetwater.


The other thing I'll say is that I've bought a lot of things from MF's used section, and it's been great. Occasionally they have deals where they offer and addition 10-15% off used stuff. At that point, it's lower than what stuff goes for used on eBay. The nice thing is that even though the manufacturer's warranty is voided for a used piece of gear, MF offers a 45-day return period. So if something does show up, you still have some degree of security built in.

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If it's any help to you, I live in the UK and purchased a JTV89 recently from a batch of half a dozen or so that a local music store had as 'B' stock i.e. customer returns or slightly flawed in some way.  All that I could find wrong with it was some very minor lacquer missing from the slightly raised section on the body and the machine heads were a little tarnished.  Apart from that, in my humble opinion it is a great instrument with an excellent neck, biting pick ups and really playable.  Depending of course on your flavour, this was meant to be a shredders guitar so maybe not to everyone taste BUT, when you switch in the Variax models and tuning options, I doubt you'd tell the difference whether you were playing a '59, '69 or the 89!  I suppose it's down to your instrument of choice.


I got it for a good price, at least £300 off RRP of a perfect '89 so I was pleased.


Maybe there were some issues with the 89 but I'm more than happy with mine as it only had some minor cosmetic damage that doesn't affect the playability.



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