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Using a Windows 10 tablet to run HX Edit


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If you’re looking for a solution to use HX Edit while “on-the-road” without resorting to hauling around a laptop, take a look at the various Windows 10 tablets that are < $150. In the accompanying photo, I’m using a NuVision Windows 10 tablet (8.5” x 5”) to run HX Edit that is currently priced at $125.




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2 hours ago, Thark said:

This is likely a dumb question but how does it connect to the Helix? Usb?

Yep. I use a Surface Pro that was given to me. Works like a charm once you get the fingers accustomed to how Edit works with a touchscreen



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17 minutes ago, d0stenning said:

out of curiosity - have you tried the tablet with Ableton  ?  


clearly it won't be very zippy  but might support a few tracks if the plugins etc don't consume too many DSP cycles. 


I would be reluctant to attempt that. There’s a big difference between passing parameter data between a Helix device and the HX Edit application versus the consumption of CPU to attend to the demands of A/D & D/A conversion and real-time streaming data capture that would be characteristic of DAW applications and Helix Native (I’m saying this as someone who’s worked for over 30 years in information technology as an application developer). I was only interested in having use of HX Edit in a small form factor that would ride easily inside the  flight case containing my Helix Floor. Thanks! :)

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