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Send MIDI thru Mac to Helix via USB controller??


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I've been racking my brain over this for a while. Granted, I'm pretty much a MIDIot, although having finally taken a class on MIDI last Spring (mainly covered electronic music development, sadly) I just can't seem to figure this out:


I have a Helix Floor connected to my Mac via USB

I have an Akai MPK Mini connected to my Mac via USB


How can I get the MPK to bypass a footswitch or change a parameter on my Helix?


Thanks in Advance

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I had a quick look at the docs. First, unless you're going to have your mac always connected with MIDI routing sw (MIDIOX on my PC works, dunno about mac), you need to have a midi host device such as this:




Then, with your APC connected to your mac, you load the editor sw, click "Note Display Type", select NUMBER, select the pad you want to use, click "CC#", select "TOGGLE" and type in the CC# for the  FS BYPASS that you want to use, and save the configuration (sorry, got to RTM on that). That should allow you, with the MIDI HOST connected between the APC and the Helix, to do the deed without the mac connected.


Here's two MIDI Routing possibilities for mac:






The HW solution is probably easier for MIDIots, certainly better for going LIVE.

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@rd2rk thank you so much. midi router looks like exactly what I want. It makes sense that the missing puzzle piece is some software. There is midi routing within Mac but it's quite confusing and isn't working for me.


I do Studio work out of my home with clients, in my helix is on a shelf away from my desk and I'd like to be able to activate foot switches from my APK, which allows you to switch between "Presets" (Programs) and toggle over to a whole new set of midi commands for different purposes, and have one set up for my DAW, and would like to set one up for my Helix. I will in no way, shape, or form be doing anything like this at a gig. 


I'm going to go download it asap

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2 hours ago, soundog said:

... I wanted to help with this but didn't have time this morning. Its so cool when someone takes the time to read the docs and research a solution for someone else. Bravo


It's very cool, and I appreciate it, @rd2rk X100000 MidiPipe works like a charm. Midirouter didn't like me for some reason. 

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