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Firmware update 2.x - Suggestion simple pre amp


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Hi DT User,

I'm using DT25 HD with the Line 6 1*12 cabinet. Firmware update 2.0 installed and changed some pre amp models.

Position IV set to "none". On Ch A to Class A/B and Pentode and on the Lead Channel B to tube Boost, Class A and Pentode.

Nice dynamic tube tones are the result.

unfortunetly  als knobs execpt Presence and Reverb are out of function. Only the Master allows Volumecontrol.

To solve this problem I put a tube mic preamp  with gain and output  knobs in front of the amp. In this combination I get a wide range of tones from clean to overdriven.


So my suggestion and question: Why Line 6 don't offers a simple pre amp model with full knob control and tube boost without any modelling?   Only the tube and some controls.    


Is a firmware update planned? Please include a simple pre amp! 


best regards



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it's not easy to explain, but you can try something similar.

If you connect the guitar with the returnjack of the amp instead of the inputjack you'll get a different tone and behaviour of the amp.


But of course without any control of the preamp.

A more or less linear preamp would give the control of gain, tone and volume and hopefully the dynamic of the tube.


Has someone tried something like that?


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I believe Spaceatl has done something similar. I have been looking into this kinda thing since yesterday. Kingsley pedal into fx return maybe? Sometimes it feels like I am still on the beginning side of the learning curve using JTV69, hd500x, DT50 all together. There are just soooo many options.... But to just find the MOST DYNAMIC POSSIBLE (TOUCH SENSITIVE), verge of breakup, classic sound, is my elusive target. I hope you continue to post to tell us what you find

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