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Line 6 Helix | Simple Metal Tone for Helix Stomp using Solar Guitar A1.6 Artist

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Hey guys, Guess what?

Another Metal Tone!

This was inspired by some of you asking if my Helix tones would work on HX Stomp. This tone uses only 5 FX blocks within Helix including a reverb block used for the ambiance that can easily be discarded bringing it down to only 4 blocks! For reference, HX Stomp is capable of handling up to 6 blocks.

I am using my Solar Guitars A1.6 Artist with the Evertune bridge. This thing slays!

Signal path:

Solar Guitar A1.6 Artist - Line 6 Helix Rack - Univeral Apollo Twin Duo - Presonus Studio One 4


Ownhammer OH ENG 412 V30 421-05




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