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mix pickups and body types in Variax custom banks?

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Hi guys,
I'm interested in the JTV-59 model but, since I never had or even tried a Variax before, I need some help to fully understand what it's capable of.

In particular I'm interested in creating custom banks that have mixed body types and pickups stored in the 5-way position that possible?


For example, let's say I want to create a custom bank where I have this configuration of the 5-way selector:

POSITION 5 - one of the acoustic models
POSITION 4 - Tele neck
POSITION 3 - Tele Middle
POSITION 2 - none
POSITION 1 - LP bridge

is that possible to create a custom bank with this configuration? 

Thanks a lot

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Yes, you can do that but you'll need to define whatever you mean by 'none'. Every pickup selector position is associated with some valid definition of a Variax model. You will have to define 'none' in terms of an actual Variax model (body type, pickups, string volumes, etc.) and configure that to be placed in pickup selector position #2. One idea might be to set all string volume levels to zero; that should result in no sound being produced by the model regardless of other settings.


It's analogous to a preset in a a modeller like Helix. There is no such thing as an empty preset slot; every one of the 1028 setlist, bank, and preset slot locations in Helix contains a valid preset. There is, however, a definition of an 'empty' preset. The New Preset definition that fills all the slots in the User Setlists from the factory bundle is a valid preset containIng no amp or FX blocks, and that is what's used to represent an empty preset slot. And it's what most people use when they want to 'delete' a preset; they copy the empty preset into the target slot location.

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Thanks a lot @silverhead!!!

Oh don't worry about the "none" position, I was just meaning "with no sound" and it was just to see if I could get an "empty" position...the 0 volume trick would work perfectly.

Now that I know I can create this kind of bank, I'm even more interested...I'm just a bit skeptical regarding this system being quite old and not so popular among guitarists, but I guess that when it comes to instruments, people tends to be quite conservative and less open-minded.



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On 3/6/2019 at 12:25 PM, pederlyng said:

You can store 5 presets in each bank - but the JTV-59 switch is 3-way. Have this in mind, if you want to create a 'kill switch' effect.

Good poing, I didn't think about that.
According to the official manual, that doesn't seem a problem though as the 2 and 4 positions can be accessed by using the Alternate Tuning knob:


Pickup Position Numbering JTV-59
Even though your guitar is equipped with a 3-way Pickup Selector Switch you can still access all 5 models in each model bank. We’ve numbered the Pickup Selector positions in the manual starting with “bridge” (the position toward the bridge) as 1. Moving the pickup selector from there, you go to position 3 on your way to the “neck” position which we label as number 5. To access models 2 and 4 press the Alternate Tuning Knob to toggle between using the 3-way to access models “1-3-5” or “2- 3-4”.

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I know how to access the 2 and 4 models - i just pointed out, that if you aim to create a 'kill switch' effect, you'll have to consider carefully where to put the 'blank'.
E.g. if you assign the 'blank' to position 5, it can't be used when the Alt. Tuning knob is engaged ...


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No problem you can have 50 les Paul’s with differs pick up and tunings. Then switch those out for any combo of body pick ups pods any combo save those and create more. Unlimited especially with line 6 effect processors! 

 There’s a bit of a learning curve but pretty simple todo.

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