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HX Effects question - Boss ES-5 idea


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Asked this in the Helix group on facebook but haven't received any responses...



There are 2 mono ins and outs. And 2 sends and returns. Only using mono effects, is it possible to use one in/out set to run into a loop on a boss es-5, and also use the other in/out to another loop and place a send/return or audio loop block in between them on the hx effects to separate certain effects? And then use an fx loop block also to run the post effects directly to an amp’s fx loop?

If yes, and I know you lose blocks when adding these blocks in, could the other send/return on the. Hx also be used as a pre fx in/out to separate and be put into another loop on the Es-5?

If this is confusing, I may not be explaining it correctly! Basically, could I do something like this:

Left in/left out to loop one on the es-5 (for example, add a phaser block then add loop block on hx)
Right in/right out to loop two on the es-5 (add flanger block then add loop block)

Send one/send two to loop three on the es-5 (add pog style pitch effect)

Add fx loop block

Then use send/return 2 going to an amp’s fx loop with delays, reverbs, etc blocks.

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