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Jtv 69 Model Selector Switch & Sound Problems

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I have got a JTV 69 in July this year to replace a JTV 59. I used a lot of the models from the 59 for recording but thought that the 69 would work better for also using live, I use the trems quite a bit.


I got a 69 and the model selector switch was not working and loose so i tightened a nut inside (as much as i could without taking it apart) it is now not loose but does not alway engage or needs a really firm push to activate.  Not really the best solution for live work.  


Also the model sounds all have a sitar like buzzing overtone to them and nothing like the 59.


I have tried Line 6 support via the ticket route and was told to talk to the dealer.  Did that and still waiting for help 8 weeks down the line. Tried phoning Line 6 UK.  Held on for 10 mins even though I was told that I was No.1 in the que.


Is it me or is Line 6 support really bad.  It is now starting to lollipop me off that I have so much money invested in a guitar that I cant use.  It is also making me think negatively about Line 6 products.  I am not a moaner but expect prompt customer service in the event of something not working properly. 


Has anyone had this experience with a 69, is the overtones due to the Trem where the 59 was a hardtail? 



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Thanks, I am pretty good at setting up guitars and can do all the usual relief, action, balanacing the trem & intonation adjustments


I dont get any buzzing when playing with the magnetic pickups on a clean amp.  It definately sounds like it is something to do with the Piezo pickup or modeling softwear.

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The model selector not engaging was a relatively common problem because the shaft was too short - pull the knob off put a little bit of paper inside to make the hole a bit shorter and put it on again.

For rubbish modelling first thing to try is to re-flash the JTV (twice according to L6 process docs), then look at the global string volumes as some people (me included) have found that reducing to -6db or so per string really helps.


The other thing you may have is resonance of the trem springs which are supposed to be damped by a little bit of material inside them - check you have this in place 

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I don't know if this will help at all but with the original Variax I remember that opening it up and just reseating the connectors often solved issues. It would be worth a shot although it probabaly nulify's the warranty. And +1 on the short shaft issue and solution. I had the same problem. Just took a small piece of plastic placed in the selector's hole for the shaft; essentially makes the shaft longer so the selector sit's higher and can therefore be pushed down further so it can engage.

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