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HX FX Routing w/ Victory V4 Pedal Question


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I'm considering turning my 2525H into a 3 headed monster with the Victory V4. I'd like to put that and my HX Effects on a board as the rig. The idea would be to use the V4 Sherrif as the routing hub and have one channel set up cleanish, one set up for mid range crunch, and then bypass the V4 to get the Silver Jubilee's gain channel for a higher/different flavor of gain. Based on the picture, I'd want to tap the HX Effects between the guitar and the V4 for front of amp pedals and then tap it again between the Loop Out and the FX return. I think I can do this by going like this:


Guitar > HX Effects Mono Input > HX Effects Mono Output > V4 Input for the front of amp effects

V4 Loop Out > HX Effects Return 1 > HX Effects Send 1 > Amp FX Return > Amp FX Send > V4 Loop In for the loop effects


This is not the way the 4CM method works though so that's why I'm leery. I could put the V4 in a loop of the HX Effects, but then I think I lose the preamp bypass capability the V4 has.


I do know I could execute this with the HX Effects as the loop FX only and just pick up a boost pedals. I'll have drives covered well with the V4 + the amp itself


2019-03-04 (2).png

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