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Two Signal Paths Mixed to Stereo for Headphones


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Hey all,


I'm processing two different inputs into Helix on different signal paths, and I output them to USB 1 and 2 discreetly for recording.

Through headphones on the Helix, using a Multi Output block, of course, I hear each signal path in a different ear. Is there an easy way to set up a block/path so the headphones monitor the signals mixed together (both signal paths present in each ear; in other words, both signal paths panned to center in the headphones)?

Thanks in advance!



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If you are only using a single path for each input, make sure one input is on path 1A and the other on 2A.  Change both of the outs for these to USB 1/2 and hard pan them left and right in the output block.  Add a Volume or Pan block to the end of each path and drag it down into path B.  Move the split to the very end of the path and drag the merge down to create new outs.  Set both of these outs to XLR.  Change the global setting for Headphones Monitor to XLR.  This setting is on pg 3 of the global Ins/Outs settings.  You now have a few places that you can pan your headphones.  The split blocks and the output blocks both have pan settings and if you used Pan blocks to create the new paths you can use those.

Helix Panning.png

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