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Hd500 jtv firmware 1.71

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I use firmware 1.71 (don’ Want to  upgrade) and am considering getting a pod HD500.

 Would I be able to get a dual (magnetic and models) two voice guitar through the VDI cable on my current firmware and more importantly still be able to use the vocal mix independently for my voice? 


Woukd love to hear from psarkissian 

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As far as I know, to use HD with an HD500, you have to up the Flash to at least v2.00 program.

That's where the whole HD world starts,... with Flash v2.00, HD500 and Workbench HD.


Unfortunately there is no portability between the two. Save your patches in original Workbench

before updating,... in case you decide to roll back to v1.71,... and stay away from v1.8x and v1.8xb Flash versions.



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Oh I know, I just can’t stand the acoustics in hd and I know there is a special functionality changing patch’s connections with hd,  but I don’t really that, hist don’t want purchase it and find out I cannot do one thing

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James Tyler Variax 

Flash Memory      
Version 1.82
Released 5/16/12

"If you play your JTV with a POD(r)HD500 or POD(r) HD Pro multi-effect processor, the v1.8 update also includes

 enhanced functionality to make your JTV/POD HD experience even more intuitive and powerful."


JTV worked with HD500 before "enhanced functionality".

Indeed, this 2011 review exercised a JTV-59 via VDI to an HD500.


In the 2012 HD500 Advanced Guide:

"With a James Tyler® Variax® (JTV), the “Variax” Input Source receives

the Model or Magnetic signal,  depending on the JTV’s Model switch settings.

* The “Variax Mag” Input Source receives only the JTV’s Magnetic Pickup signal."


Newer JTV flash outputs Variax models via "mag" input..

Latest HD500 firmware still works with non-HD legacy Variax,

so I would expect an HD500 to still work with pre-v.18 JTV flash..

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Hi Blgband -


I pondered reverting my JTV to 1.71, but have been pretty happy with 2.10..

Other than volume imbalances among strings, I seem to be less critical of guitar tones

than others but more critical of sound sculpturing by effects, amplifiers, cabinets and speakers.

HD500 model tweaking can be frustrating, but I never mastered "real" equipment, either.

Searching eBay [v] Sold listings for "Line 6 HD500" confirms that patient bidding

should still net a good one for less than US $200.

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Flash v1.8x and v1.8xb work, but there's a problem regarding updates and roll-backs

from there,... it can brick the board, so don't use it.


Once it's bricked like that, even I can't do anything with it. It's a 50/50 chance I can get out

of it and into another version. So don't use that one.



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