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Whammy and Wahwah in the same Preset


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Hello everybody,


It's my first question in this forum...yeah!!!

I'm the proud owner of a Helix LT since half a is a beast! One problem occurs to me with the Whammy and Wah.

I tried to assign on the internal expression pedal two effects. On EXP1 a whammy on EXP2 the Whawha. Did I menioned that I want it in one preset? I would prefere the following way of turning the effect on and off:


1. EXP1-Whammy: The effect is off if the pedal is in the heel position and starts after changing the pedal over 1% of the way.

2. EXP2-Wah: Switching on by pushing the toe button.


If I do so the whammy works. But when I switch to the Wah the Whammy switches on, too. Even by changing the Wah to EXP1 the result is crap. I read in the manual that Whammy and Wah has a automatically priorisation on Exp1. Is it possible the this can't be devided?


Any tip or tick?


Thanks in advance

Greetings from Germany!!!

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disable auto engage on whammy effect. create 2 snapshots, one to use wah other is for whammy. bypass the whammy on one of the snapshots, so the exp pedal won't change any pitch but it will engage the wah with toe sure the whammy effect is on on the other snapshot. before you recall the snapshot in which the whammy effect is on, be sure you keep the exp pedal on hell position...simply don't forget to keep it on heel position after turning off the wah.

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Nice challenge! To have something activated by pedal movement in Hx LT/FL you would need midi loopback I suppose. Please correct me anybody if I am wrong.
I use "three in one" expression pedals in all my presets for volume/whammy/wah. Volume at EXP2 changes to EXP1 by toe switch. One FS is set to choose if EXP1 controlls wah or whammy on separate subpaths. Splitter/mixer tandem is involved too.
I don't see any point of using external expression pedal because Line6 decided it would just double EXP2 in LT. Leo Tolstoy probably used Helix only this way ;) I don't know neither why heel switch is absent in Helix. :D

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I've done this, different approach, unless I read something wrong.  


I like my whammy to be auto engage on Exp 1, as having to click the whammy throws off my timing.  So EXP 1 Whammy, auto engage at 97% (toe down off).


I dont mind clicking to activate the wah (like  regular wah) so I assign this to be controlled by Exp 2. 


I also setup the toe switch to trigger the bypass state of the Whammy/Wah together, and just make sure that the wah is set to off and the whammy on, then save the preset.  When you call it up, you should have access to the whammy, then click the wah on, click the wah off and the whammy effect will return in the its auto engage 'off' status.  


I have a few presets like this....or sometimes if I need a wah for a rhythm part (Enter Sandman Intro) but also use the wah for the whole lead part (Enter Sandman Solo), I'll use two wah blocks the same way.  First one is auto engage at 97% toe down = off.  Thats for the clean wah during the intro, then when I click the toe switch, it will activate the 2nd Wah (also paired with the valve drive to give some more expression/bite to the wah) and also my drive/delay/volume boost blocks to boost my solo as well.  

Same concept. 

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I would use two snapshots... as suggested by @chstd


If I absolutely couldn't afford to do any "snapshot" maneuvering, I would reverse the EXP1 polarity (and the min/max of the whammy) and have it auto engage as I sweep back so it is disengaged when toe down - therefore not interfering with the toe switch and wah pedal. It doesn't take long to get a feel of something in reverse :) 

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