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Acoustic Without Pickup - Microphone Questions


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Hi all.  I have Qs about using an HX Stomp with an acoustic guitar without a pickup.  This would be my 1st guitar without a pickup, and I've never mic'd a guitar before, so it is all new to me.


1) Could I simply use a microphone placed in front of the guitar and plug the mic into the HX Stomp?


2) So I need something in between the mic and the Stomp?


3) If I were to add a passive pickup to the guitar, would I be able to use the HX Stomp directly from thew guitar without anything in between?


Thanks in advance.

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Stomp will not work credibly with XLR lo Z microphone.  Needs preamp and even with that - mic’ing acoustic live is very tricky if not impossible for many environments/settings.  


Stomp can work with passive acoustic pickup but ymmv.  Preamp is almost always better for these type efx units.  

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