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Can Someone Help Me Emulate These Tones? Hd500


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I've had my HD500 for a couple months now, but I've never really jumped too deep into editing my guitar tone. I bought it to replace my amp as I wanted to practise and play my guitar in private with headphones, but on the odd occasion I'm recording with it, I find getting a good tone to be difficult. It doesn't help that I've only been an electric guitarist for just under a year, so I have next to no experience with pedal boards, etc..


Usually, I can get a tone that's passable, but these two tones are proving a right problem. It usually ends up that I just get frustrated and give up for a few days. The problem is, I need to get this cover done before Chirstmas, and I've always been a believer that when it comes to learning anything related to the guitar; never look at the calendar… but I have a target that must be met and it's less than 20 days until Christmas.  :o


If I had more time, I'd try to figure something out myself, but I fear that I'll meet the deadline. Can anyone here help make the patches or at least a starting point with advice? I don't like to ask as I know I should learn how to make my own decent patches, but with less than 20 days remaining, with countless of attempts the last few weeks, AND a lack of experience with guitar tone; you guys really are my last resort! 


I'm trying to emulate Taylor Swift's guitarists Grant Mickelson and Paul Sidoti's tone from their guitar solo-duet during the Speak Now World Tour.


Here is the best quality video I can find:

Skip to 4:10 for their solo.


As far as gear goes, Grant Mickelson is using a Duesenberg Mike Campbell signature model; and Paul is using an EVH Frankenstrat. I tweeted Paul  about the tone to which he replied he used a 5150 III on ch 3. I'm not sure what amp Grant used, though.


I only have a Les Paul guitar, but I can't afford to buy a new guitar right now, unfortunately. I plan to record the cover straight through USB, and listen through headphones. I know I'll have to tweak patches made by someone else, but at least I'd get closer to the tone that way.


If you guys can help me out with this I'd be extremely grateful! :)


Thanks in advance. 

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.Surely you are after a better tone than how its sounds on that live, poorly recorded video clip.

Aggravation advice seems a good start.


I've been using the official live CD for reference, where the quality is much better, but without uploading it, that video was the best I could find. Let's see if there's a CD version of the solo hiding in the dust...

Here you go. I'll replace the one in my OP with this, too.


Thanks for the suggestion, aggravation, I'll give that a try! Should I try that model with both Grant and Paul's lines? I'll be recording both guitarists' lines separately, so I'm not looking to cram both of their tones into one patch.

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