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Helix Native works intermittently in MainStage and not at all in Logic Pro

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I was excited to try the Helix Native, as my HD500X switches are starting to fail, so I was hoping I could just go with a software plug in. 


I can get it to work in MainStage but then it stops working. If I restart it will work again. Then I try to get it configured to work in Logic Pro and so far nothing will allow the source input to show up in the Helix Native interface. 


I don't think I would spend hundreds of dollars if I can't get the demo to play. It's a shame because when I can get it working it sounds very compelling!


My set up;


MacBook Pro Mac OS Mojave

Logic Pro 10.4.4

MainStage 3.4.2


Universal Audio Thunderbolt Interface

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In Logic, you have HXN selected as a plug-in in an audio track? The HXN plug-in opens correctly? Can you select the UA line (guitar) input on other audio tracks but not HXN?

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