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HD 500 connectivity and drivers issue

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Hello everybody,

Another thread about these problems. I know there already are a lot, but none of them helped me.

I bought a used HD500 with an dead USB port (i changed it, i work in electronics) and the famous boot loop problem on Line6 welcome screen. I would like to reinstall the device's firmware.


First, Monkey (last version) won't install the drivers (the wizard does the work, the files are where they are supposed to be, but when i reopen Monkey, it still displays that driver aren't updated, even when i do it manually).


Is it linked with the fact that the device was never recognized by my computer? (Win 10, Lenovo laptop, USB 3.0 may be another source of problem?). It never appeared in Windows Device Manager.

Edit : i disabled USB 3.0 in my bios, so they work as USB 2.0 ports, no result. (but may work for other issues)


I've tried to reset with left arrow, nothing, reset with down arrow effectively opens update mode, but still nothing, reset with right arrow, nothing. USB cable is OK.


Do you know a way to check if device's USB chip is OK ?


Thank you in advance.

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A Windows PC would have notified that it was trying to find a driver when an HD500 is first plugged in,

and Device Manager should show something.  If not,  hardware is suspect.

Quite a few USB hubs have LEDs that illuminate when a device is plugged.


FWIW, I have never had issues with HD500 in USB 3.0  ports.


I got the impression that Microsoft made changes impacting Windows 10 driver support last year,

but I have only used Windows 8.1 and Macs for Line 6..


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