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How can I plus To guitares. An acoustic one and one électric?


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5 hours ago, gaellaine said:

Hello everybody!

How can I plugin 2 guitars in my HELIX?

One électric (guitar in ) and my acoustic guitar? Is it possible?

Thanks a lot


Yes it is. Plug one guitar into the "guitar in" as you always do. Design your signal path for whatever best suits that guitar.


Plus the second guitar into one of the Helix's other in holes (FX return) and on a second path set the starting input for the return port you used. 

Then design this second path according to what ever signal path suits that guitar.


Walla. Two guitars, one Helix. 

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There are two ways to do what you want to do.


This is another way. Plug one instrument into the Guitar In. Plug the other into the Aux In. The Aux In has an input impedance of 10 KOhm. This is for a guitar with active pickups or a bass. What this means to you is a guitar with passive pickups will have a low signal so you will probably have to boost that. But your acoustic may have active electronics and may be OK. Just know if the signal at the Aux In seems low, that's normal and you'll need to add a preamp or something at the beginning of your signal path to boost it. You then select Aux In or Guitar In at the input block.

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I use Helix LT. The Guitar is connected at "Guitar in" and the bass is connected at "Return 1"  with an bassamp in the signal line using the same Volume pedal .

I can play only 1 instrument at the same time  :-) 

At the moment both signals are routed to the same output as we are in a rehearsal status with 1 active box.

Later I will spend 2 outputs to the mixer.

Not to forget to choose "instrument" for the return in the global setting.



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