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Ipad App - Suggestions For Improvement

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Love the mixer, love the app.


It looks like all ipads that connect to m20D have access to entire mixer settings.


This would be very cool.....

Allow each ipad that connects to limit the access to only what that ipad needs.

The sound engineer would of course get EVERYTHING...but why should everyone else?

It would just be AWESOME if an option to limit access to MONITOR 1 MIX or MONITOR 2 MIX was available.

Then, some silly guitar player, like me, would not accidently mess with the wrong monitor mix while trying to adjust my IEM...

Plus, I should as a guitar player, never have access to the main mix, the settings, the recoding features...JUST THE MONITOR 1 MIX.


Opinions anyone?


Again...I am a huge fan of the M20D....just not a fan of the app being wide open for every band member using an ipad to have access to elements of the mix they should not be able to access....


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sounds like a good idea, perhaps rather than complicating the app with permissions etc, they could just offer a smaller app that has those limited monitor mixes?

seems like it should be dirt simple to strip parts of the app away... rather than rebuild the underlying structure.

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I wish it could too and I also wish that I could monitor the audio outputs of the mixer through ear buds plugged into my ipad. But unfortunately they would both require so much data sent back via wi-fi that the latency would be so bad and the speed that the mixer could respond to movements on the iPad would come to a standstill.


So until wi-fi improves significantly don't be expecting either to happen.

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