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I'm getting an error message when trying to export individual HX Stomp presets in HX Edit v. 2.71. The error message is -401 - Access to a file is denied. I've got the latest firmware version on my Stomp, so not sure what's happening here. Export setlist and create backup both work fine. I'm running Mac OS 10.11.6, could that be an issue? Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Screenshot attached...

hx error.png

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Try to save to your desktop.

This sort of message is unlikely to be a Helix issue, but a computer permission issue.

If saving to the desktop works - that is your problem.

You can change the permissions on the folder you are trying to save to or just set up a new one.

Google changing permission on a mac folder for instructions.

Be sure to be logged in as the same user all the time.

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