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XD-V75HS, G90 and Shure IEM’s

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Hey, guys and gals!

I currently own a G90 wireless for my guitar and I’m thinking of picking up an XD-V75HS for a vocal mic. I also use a Shure IEM system. First question is will all three of these systems play nice if they live rack mounted within the same road case?


Also, before I make my purchase, does anyone use these in live music gigs/shows?  

How do they sound?  

Are they secure and fit well enough if you move around a lot?  

Are they reliable?  

Give me the good and the bad!


Thank you.

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Wireless mic receivers and IEM transmitters can live together in the same rack but you must remote their respective antennae so that they're well separated. Anything that transmits on any frequency needs to be kept away from any receiver antennae.


Some people are lucky and get away with it but I've seen more than once on here that people have complained of problems with their L6 kit that turned out to be caused by improper location of IEM transmitter antennae.

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Am using Line6 G90 for violin, XD-V75 system for Guittar, together with Shure dual wirelless BLX/BETA58A system for singig at the same time on the stage, and its working in common conditions /1-20m/ without any interferences.

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