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Post Vs Pre Volume Control


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My experience is that it does the same thing in either place.  I know you would think logically that it would affect gain staging early in the signal path but that is not what I see... It is just volume in either place... 


I generally just map the Channel Volume to the expression pedal instead and save an FX block and some DSP... :)

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I use the volume pedal at the beginning of the chain and in that spot it reduces the gain a little bit in addition to reducing volume. I have it assigned to exp-1 and use it for swells (the slight gain redcution/increase makes for a nice swell tone). I also use exp-1 volume pedal when I want to quickly cut off the volume.


Exp-2 is assigned to amp volume (max 40, min 35) and I use that when I want a slight drop in volume but no change in tone.

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