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Supplement Paper Of Tones That Came W/your Spider Iv?!

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Can please someone help me...


there was a Supplement Paper of Tones that came w/my amp... and I can't find it.


Can someone help me... does someone have this paper? Or can share the tones. Really looking for the 'black magic woman' tone that was described.




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Hi Mike - yeah I have tried tried to search for the 'Black Magic Woman' tone. Thanks for the effort, none of the .pdfs have it. It wasn't a guide, it was a simple supplement piece of paper. It had a Eddie Van Halen setting and the BMW. I guess I will never find it..I will have to keep searchin' my messy room & studio.

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I have and there is nothing.. it was a little Supplement Paper Of Settings that came with the amp!...Anyone just bought a new Spider IV amp out there? And can help me out? Thanks!


PS - I think I will email Line6..then I will post it for all!

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I'm with Euphoria. The pdf file RZ posted a link for doesn't come close to the artist/song presets that are in the Spider IV 75 I got three days ago, and there was no paper with mine, so, to find out what's in there, I'd have to get down on the floor, scroll through them all, then call a forklift to get me off the floor. Not happening.


BTW, RZ, the last few columns of your pdf just don't compute for me. CF/P/T? D/TE/SE? D/G/W?

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