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auto trim

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hi, trying to set this up.i did just as video showed on youtube  from line6, had a mic singing into it.then pushed the auto trim  then pushed ok when it was done .and it always is way to loud and on the verge of feedback what am i doing wrong?

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You need to understand the concepts of "gain staging"


Auto trim will monitor incoming signals and set them to the ideal input gain for the channel - not too hot so it distorts and not too low. That is all it does.

You mic is on a channel and that has a gain knob that controls the signal level going into the main mix

The main mix is feed to the PA amplifier and that signal level is controlled by the big knob on the right of the M20d

The PA amplifier has a volume knob that controls the overall volume


Each of these is a gain stage and has to be set correctly; if you have 16 channels of input all set to 0db and all of them have a full level signal then you will overload the main mix. You need to mix the signals together by balancing the channel volumes (and eq)


So turn down the channel gain and/or big knob and/or PA volume until it is not too loud and feeding back.


There is also a feedback suppressor on the mic input channels and you can use that if your mic position is such that you are getting feedback at lower volumes - it will notch filter at frequencies that are susceptible to feeding back in the current session (the settings are forgotten when you switch off)


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