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Riffworks and Drums from Sonoma

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I just realize how much I miss Riffworks as a workstation - especially the drummer - and all the great drums I bought and downloaded.
Is it lost forever?
I did not really understand what happened back then and got carried away with other things as time went by.
All in all it means that all the drum patterns I bought is wasted??.
I do not even know where they are now, but I must registered somewhere:
Is it possible go get them back - and Riffworks up and running again??




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Riffworks is still available in a standard version, the T4(Free) version is gone, and neither have online functionality anymore as no longer exists.  The things that you bought should still be there, all you would need to do is sign into your Sonoma Wireworks account and re-download it all again.  here is a link

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