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Fix to Helix Incompatibility with Logic?


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Hello - I've done some researching, and I didn't really find anything... but is there any update/solution for getting Logic Pro to play well with Helix?

Background: Trying to record in Logic will send the Helix straight into unresponsiveness or have it flash between the main function window in the tuner (depending on where you are on the Helix when recording is enabled). Turning off MIDI via USB on Helix solves the issue, but of course, that means you can't use MIDI on the Helix.


Thanks in advance!

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It sounds to me like Logic may be sending, or relaying MIDI messages to the Helix that are not expected. 


There is a simple solution that doesn't require the completed disabling of MIDI on the Helix. 

Change the DEFAULT MIDI channel  to anything OTHER THAN

  • 1 which is often the system default (I believe this is default on the HELIX)
  • 10 which is often the standard default for drums
  • OMNI.... which listens to EVERY channel.

This setting is found in "Global Settings > Midi/Tempo> MIDI Base Channel"


Now when you need MIDI on the Helix, you have to explicitly set the channels and commands as required on both devices which is a good practice to get into anyway. 

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I have that problem with a few of my keyboards.  I have found that Logic sends "Note On" messages for many actions (ie arming a track). Disabling all "Control Surfaces" works. Changing the MIDI channel to anything but 1 was the best fix.  

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