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Hd147 Settings At Live Shows

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Hi there rescently purchased a HD147, great amp , great features,but im having a problem at live shows. But when Im jamming by myself or with my band the amp sounds dialed in, yet when theres a lil bit more room such as a venue, the highs start deminishing and I can hear the lows and mid cut through, but Im the lead guitar in the band, and cant seem to get the high squeels and harmonics that I do with my Boss MT2 distortion pedal, any suggestions on whart to do? and I am using the built in gate and compression buttons as well.


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I've been a fan/convert/believer in line 6 ever since 2004. I cut my teeth on the PodXT live and use the same approach with my HD147. I'll use the Spinal Puppet/line 6 crunch red mode as follows.


Drive 8.5 bass 8 mid 9 treble 7.5 presence 5.5 volume 6 reverb delay and chorus varies by preset usually rule of thumb no more than 30% in signal mix, I have a Marshall 4x12 with vintage 30s.


I'll use cab modeling depending on presets as follows bypass, for heavy 80's greenback model or Mesa model for a heavier tone.


No matter what I'll still use my boss sd1 super overdrive in front of my HD147 to give it a boost with some sizzle. With my PodXT live I use the tube screamer model in the signal chain.


A good guitar with good pickups is part of the equation well. I use the following Jackson's DK2 Duncan's TB5 Custom and Classic Stacks, Fusion EX Pro stock pickups, SLSMG EMG 81/85, DK6 COW EMG 81, Ibanez rg7321 EMG 81-7/707.


I've not used the xlr and just been mic'd, I'm guessing that going direct with xlr would probably be the hot ticket might want to try that as well.

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