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Pod X3 Live With My Bugera V22 Amp


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(First of all sorry for my bad english)


I've just got my POD X3 Live and have some doubts...


My AMP is a Bugera v22.


For now, i'm using the POD as an usual Stomp box, Guitar -> Guitar In -> Left out -> AMP Input  and then configure the patches to act as a stomp box. Ex: Screamer or RAT + Delay.


The fact is that i'm not fully happy with the result.


Someone have some tip?


I'm thinking about to use the amp only as a Cabinet through the effects loop.


Anyone use the POD with a tube amp too?



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Do you have your output settings set to Combo Front since your going into the front?, and the "Line Out" Line/Amp Switch set to Amp? If you go into the effects return of your amp set the output to Combo Power Amp. If your guitar is clipping the input set the PAD switch to on. If your going into the front of your amp make sure you get a nice clean channel. You might want to use "No Cab" in the amp settings. If your using Combo Front you can adjust your output levels for the Lows, Mid Focus, and Highs. These are some of the things I can think of off hand and may or may not help you.

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