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pretty sure this is impossible but i thought id ask.

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Hello everyone, i have to say i am loving my Firehawk FX! and the wealth of information on this forum as well. Here is my question I can get great tones with my strat as well as really good acoustic tones. I am building a custom strat with an LR Baggs piezo bridge in it, because i go from acoustic to electric quite often. How would you guys approach getting a good blended tone? something that sounds like an acoustic and electric are being played simultaneously. I go direct to pa w/ IEM so i am not worried about amplifier coloration.  thanks!

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I use a Morley ABY selector switch to direct the signal from the mono out of the Firehawk to two channels on my mixer. One channel is set up for acoustic tone and the other for electric.  If you use a Variax you don’t even need to change guitars.

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