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Helix + Powercab 112 plus - how to get great basic sounds

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Hi all,


Since a month I own the Helix Floor + Powercab 112 plus (and the Relay G10S). A great compact setup! I'm impressed by its versatility, all options and ease of use. Before I had a traditional setup: Custom Audio tube pre-amp, mesa 20/20 power amp, TC G-system, Mesa cabinet. Top class sound, but I was tyred of carrying it around... So I made the big switch to modeling.


As said I am very impressed, however I am struggling to get my basic sounds right (for which I'm reaching out for help): clean, crunch, rock and high-gain. I know my traditional tube setup is quite a benchmark, but still hoping to get my sounds close to what I'm used to. I kind of miss that punchy/crispy sound, especially when I play with my (rock) band my sound has no clear definition (missing the 'balls'). 


I really want my setup to work and don't want to give up as I am convinced about the benefits of the Helix. So I was thinking:

- to keep tweaking till it's right (it must be me)

- try a tube combo amp instead of the powercab

- lower my expectations 

- get help through this forum :-)


I go for the last option as I know there are so many happy and experienced Helix users out there.


So, here is my question:  did any of you go through the same process with satisfying results in the end? Any tips how to get that great basic authentic sound right (which I appreciate is a vague question)? See my current setup/ settings below. 


Thanks a lot for sharing any experience/advice! Much appreciated! 


Main guitar: Fender Strat with single pick ups 

Powercab: Vintage ( sounds most pleasing to me for the few amps I use from clean to high gain)

Clean: Solo Lead Clean (amp only, no cab from Helix)

Crunch: clean channel above + Screamer

Overdrive: Mandarín 80 (amp only, no cab from Helix)

Lead: Placater Dirty (amp only, no cab from Helix)

On top of above amps (on which I made minor tweaks to most pleasing sound), I experimented by adding EQs, compressors and effects.










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