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Recording wet and dry signal w/ POD HD500X and an amp and cab

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Hey folks,

I am trying to record a wet and dry signal simultaneously. I have created a patch on the POD with two amp blocks hard panned so when my guitar goes in to the POD it is split Left and Right. One is going directly to my interface for the dry signal (which I use to edit the audio files), the other is going to an overdrive pedal then to the front of my Mark V Mesa Boogie, which is mic'd up back to the interface. Everything is recording fine except my amp has a noisy interference. 

Does anyone have a solution to this?

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Hard to say what the issues is without hearing the sound. 

What do you mean noisy interference? Like a Hum? Does the interference go away if you disconnect the guitar at any point in the signal? Is the amp near any computers or other electronic devices? 


If it is Hum then you need to add a Noisegate or compressor to the signal path. Check the amp settings for each signal path. 


Be Blessed!!!


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