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G10 Transmitter Gone Dark


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The transmitter of my G10 seems to have spontaneously failed. No sign of life  at all. The halo on the charger flashes red, but the jack-plug device shows no light, nothing. The unit's about two years old and has performed perfectly up to now.

I raised a support ticket online with Line6 and they asked me to download the firmware update and apply it. I did. Not surprisingly it told me it couldn't see the transmitter.

The support desk also said that if the firmware update failed, I should contact my local (UK) service company, who are in Milton Keynes. Once I'd got past the autoreply bots,  a real person said that they could have a go at fixing it if it's still under warranty (which I'll have to check) or, as the transmitter is relatively cheap, just buy a new one - the transmitter only. 

All of which raises a few questions.

1) Has anyone else had this sudden-death issue?
2) Can I indeed buy just the jack-plug transmitter bit?

3) If I do, how will the charger/receiver pair with it?

I asked the guy that last question, and he said "it'll just work. Any receiver will work with any transmitter". Which raises the question of what would happen if I had two of them, and only one of them needed a new transmitter. Does the transmitter speak to the receiver it most recently was plugged into, or something?

Anyway - I feel a bit passed around. Neither Line 6 nor the servicing partner seem that keen on getting involved, so I thought I'd ask for advice here. 

Thank you for your time,


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Hi Mark,  I have just found your post from last year.  I have two of these units, one if fine but the other has a dead transmitter. I have downloaded and installed the new firmware to no effect. did you ever discover a solution to the problem?  Cheers  Trevor 


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