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Question for Mr. psarkissian & other expert members, please..

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Greetings, I've owned a 2012 JV-69s for 5+ years. Lately began using a quality Planet Waves Custom Series TRS 1/4" cable with compression springs hoping to get an optimal connection. A longtime problem plaguing me is 1/4" cables not connecting well with the jack and causing a weak or lost connection. Solution's been to wiggle the plug until guitar sounds proper, but this condition forces me to shy away from gigging my temperamental JTV. When it works, it works well, but the connection can fail anytime and usually does if the cable plug gets touched. Done my own repairs for decades. Can anyone please advise if the 1/4" jack is in someway fixable - and if so, only by Line 6? - or might it really call for a jack replacement as the only reliable remedy?


Also, the volume knob has always made a scratching sound when turned quickly in Modeling. I've tried all the approaches suggested in other threads, such as, correct-type contact cleaner on the pot shaft, etc.-  but with no success. Doesn't seem to be the typical problem with a dirty potentiometer because it makes no scratching noise when turning it in Mag mode. Here again, is replacement by Line 6 my only workable option? Please let me know what you think.

Many thanks in advance for your helpful reply.


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Two things with the 1/4" jack that it could be. Would need a Line 6 authorized service center tech.


If the volume and tone controls are loose, carefully pull up the knobs and tighten down the retainer nuts.

Before with the alignment or the Model knob might hang up. Foil under the pick guard contacting the casing

of the potentiometers is part of the chassis ground. If it still acts up, then it's a deeper issue and needs

a Line 6 authorized service center tech.


Line 6 authorized service center tech has access to service info and me for more detailed deep dive stuff.

And judging by your serial number, it's time for it's 50,000 mile check-up, and maybe round some worn frets.

Contact Line 6 Support, they will let you know what the options are on that.


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