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Pod Hd Desktop And Fbv Shortboard Mk1 Led Lights Fs1-fs4


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As in the topic - I've conected FBV Shortboard MK1 to POD HD desktop. Everything works great except one thing. FS1-FS4 (upper row - stomp, mod, delay and reverv) LED lights don't turn on when associated effect is turned on.

Footswitches are ok, I see it on main display when click it - the background color of effect changes, and the effect turns on. I have FS5-FS8 in mode FS5-FS8 (not ABCD) and these LED lights are turned on when corresponding effect is turned on. This behavior does not change when FS5-FS8 are in ABCD mode. ABCD works ok then, but FS1-FS4 are off.

LEDs seems to be ok, after connecting FBV to POD I see "christmas tree" on LEDs. They turn on one by one as in start-up sequence. But after that the FS1-FS4 turn off.

Does anyone have this problem too?

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All FS <-> effect assigments was OK. I wrote in first post - when I click FS, effects turns on. I see it on the background of effect on POD HD display. Just the LED was off. But I found remedy :) I found similar topic in FBV forums, altghough the thing that helped me, didn't help on FBV Shortboard MK2.


I've changed the option "FBV Express" in pod HD settings. I have FBV Express too, and I used it up to now. I forgot about that option before. Everything is OK now, all LEDs are lit when they shoud be. 


Problem solved.

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