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500x Expression Pedal Not Responding


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Hello. For some reason my expression pedal does not seem responsive when i turn on effects through it. Turning the effect on and off has not been troublesome, but none of the effects change, all sounds remain static, at the fully down position. Even the preset models that use the pedal as a volume pedal are non responsive. i have yet to move it and long distance, it hasn't been dropped, so i doubt its a hardware problem.


Thanks for the help,


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I calibrated my expression pedal.. But it isnt responding to anything. It isnt even working as a simple volume controller on any of the tones. It is switching on exp 1 and exp 2 and it is showing proper values (0-255) in calibration mode but it still isnt working....why? 

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Do you have the volume pedal in your signal chain and is it enabled?


Don't you just love the repeat questions. It's almost as if L6 doesn't offer a forum search feature. 




On the 500, it is an EXP pedal. It is not exclusively a volume pedal or wah pedal. 


The EXP pedal must be assigned to something.

If you want to use it as a volume pedal, you must put a volume pedal in the chain, and then you must assign the EXP pedal to be the controller. 

It can control anything you want, but it must be assigned first. 

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