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Raising the input level for high gain instead of lowering it?


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Dear Native-Community,


I mostly use Native for Clean and Break Up Tones with my Strat and my ES-type guitar. I have to lower the input level inside Native to about -15 to -10 dB for a dynamic feeling.


But I noticed that if I try to achieve a high gain sound for metal or modern rock, I have to raise the input level to about +5 to +10 dB. Otherwise Palm Mutings sound weak and the signal is not hot enough. It may have something to do with the low output of the pickups but with these I definitely have to raise the input level. 

Or is there another possibilty I overlooked? I use the Audient ID14 interface and the the input gain on this device is at the lowest possible level. 


Looking forward to your answers :). 


Greetings from germany,



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