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Helix Rack & Control froze during performace


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Twice this week my Helix Rack and Control froze and wouldn't change presets.  Once during a rehearsal, and last night during a performance.  Only thing that fixed it was powering off and then on.  Not sure if it was same preset that froze or not.  But I do know that the rack and control both read different presets.  Signal was still coming through so I was able to finish song, but why would it be freezing like that?


I'm on latest firmware.  I have 2 Helix Mission expression pedals plugged in to control.


Any Ideas?  I'm using all tones I've created and maybe 1 or 2 custom patches from other people, with IR's. 


I've read about the "rebuild all presets" feature but not sure what that does or if it would fix this particular bug.



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