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Pod X3 Live DI or amp DI for live use?

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I’ve had a Pod X3 Live for many years, but am only now thinking of using it Live at gigs.

I’m wondering if I run the 1/4 inch mono out to the effect loop return on my amp (bypassing the amp’s tone controls), would I have to run the XLR out from the Pod X3 Live to the board for PA support, or would my amp’s built in DI be able to send the signal to the board? Would all the tone tweaks and effects still come through if I tried to use my amp’s DI, or would it just be straight uneffected bass?


I read through the manual, but didn’t see an answer to my question there. Thanks for any help you can give.

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The past week I had vacation, and used a good chunk of that time to figure it out and dial in a couple of tones that I like. (With a few effects programmed in for specific songs.)

Tonight I played my first gig with it.
It worked great. My band mates were complimentary, and there were no moments of weird noises from stepping on a wrong switch or anything.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s gig to build my comfort level up.

I did run a microthumpinator into it. I’ve come to rely on that pedal a lot.

Here’s a cell phone picture I snapped of my rig tonight with the Pod X3 Live. I’m running it into the effect return of my Peavey MiniMax, and using the DI from the MiniMax to the board.

I was a bit disappointed with the tuner. My band tunes down half a step, and the tuner in the X3 Live couldn’t read the A#\Bb, so I ended up muting the MiniMax and switching the cable from the effects return to the front input so I could use it’s tuner, and then switch it back again.


So, I guess I figured it out.

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